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100 Years of Attitude - opening monologue

I am been followed by a sanitation truck. Everywhere I go there's a sanitation truck spying on me, it's always the same one.

They don't want to lock me up because I am an artist. I am a famous artist. They are afraid that if they lock me up very important people from the art world, will come to my rescue. And that doesn't look good, not even under the homeland security.
Maybe they didn't even notice that I exist
Or maybe they don't care
They don't think I can cause any harm
Why would it be dangerous to tell people that their government is killing thousands of innocent people every day? They know about it
We don't have time to change the world

I don't mind preaching to the converted. Are you converted?
You can be honest with me.

I, this Argentinean thing. Not that I believe in nationalities. Here I am, in your country. Not that I believe this country is yours. I am taking your money so you listen to me. Not that I believe this is your money.
And I need desperately for you to hear what I have to say. Not that I think I have anything in particular to say. I am blaming you.

I know you are not listening anyway. I am not listening to you either. Half of me was left behind. Half of you was left behind.

There's only one destiny for my words. They will be forgotten.

Nobody knows what is going on. That's why nobody cares.

I can smell you, you know?. I can see you. From here. From far away. You can't hide. Anymore. I wish you could. I wish you'd disappear.

As for me, I am the king of the world.

I am going to enter your soul. I am going to enter your mind. I am invading you. And I can do that, because I am insane. And you are not protected. You are ready. Waiting for me, thirsty for my water. I have what you want. I have what you are looking for. I will show you around. Psychosis is around us. It's here, to stay. To eat your bones. Please stay awake. Please, keep thinking. Why can't I remember? Why can't I remember anything? How was it like to think? To understand? I used to do those things. But I am flying for now. I am making love. Thinking it's dangerous for a sick mind.

I get up every morning, I get dressed and out there I go. I yell at people in the streets
- Do you know what your government is doing at this precise moment?

Are we going to do anything about this?
Things don't look good. They don't. Not that you should feel guilty about it. Not that there's something you can do about it.

You should stop eating the world, it's not going to feel good afterwards. Spit it up. Spit it up I told you. You'll get sick with the bones, mostly the tiny ones, they get stuck in there

Try not to read what is going on, you'll get sad. You rather feel proud. Let's be proud, we are the biggest country in the world

While the fishes are swallowing the mercury and we are swallowing the fishes.

I can't fight alone against the empire. It's swallowing me, slowly.

Who is responsible for all this? ME. I am. This is all my fault.

I am Ulysses. I come from Troy.
I am coming to save the world from YOU.

One more time, just you and me. And a photo on the internet.

It's amazing what an actor can do, if you had rigorous training. The vocal training is very important, and the body, some dance, stretching, relaxation, but try to keep thinking


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