The Values Horror ShowThe Values Horror Show

The story of a Paranoid Post Hero in the era of TERRORism. War is bringing us together. Paranoia makes life all the more exciting. Are you a terrorist? Have you been seeing things? Did you say something? Do you find yourself singing Christmas Carols in the shower? Do you masturbate afterwards? Do you believe in sanctity and global heterosexuality?

This is not a show. Do not bring any suspicious package.

"A clever and funny satire on the horrors unleashed under the discourse of Christian and moral values." Queer Ramblings Magazine

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The Values Horror Show

Photographers: Enrique Mesri, Sasha Mishkin,
Julian Mesri, Carola Dreidemie


Written and directed by Susana Cook
Videos by Lucy Mackinnon
Original Score Julian Mesri
Performed by: Mistah, Migdalia Jimenez, Simba Yangala, Soraya Odishoo, Lucy Mackinnon, Sandra R. Garcia and Susana Cook.
Sound Tech: Yamima Eadan
Photo and design: Julian Mesri

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© Susana Cook 2009