The Idiot King
An Absurd Parody of Our Bloody Times

Written and directed by Susana Cook

Images from the performance, photographer Veda Myers.
Review by Larry Kunofsky,
Review by Michael Lazan,

“Susana Cook is among the best artists working in America, doing cultural work that will transform the way we see things" - Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace

The Idiot KingEverything you always wanted to know about the sanctity of marriage and how it leads up to war!

The Idiot King will take you inside the monarch's palace to witness God's visits and debates on government policies that are defining the future of the world. Real facts are mixed up with wild exaggerations, making it difficult to tell them apart.

The Idiot King combines video, sound design, and movement with official and religious discourses to create a political satire about the tragedy of slaughter in the name of God.

The Idiot King. You can be with him, against him, or laughing at him. 

Oct 26 - Nov 18, Thurs thru Sat
8pm at WOW Cafe
59 East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-777-4280

Original score:  Julian mesri
Video: Lucy Mackinnon and Soraya Odishoo
Stage manager: Marisa Suarez Orozco
Featuring: Erin Markey, Tracy Hazas, Anni Amberg, Soraya Odishoo, Karen Jaime, Julian Mesri, Marisa Suarez Orozco, Jennifer Fomore, Jose Maria Garcia Armenter, Jaz Cruz, Julie Baber and Susana Cook.


The The Idiot King

Photographer: Natalie Brasington

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© Susana Cook 2009