HamletangoHamletango - Prince of Butches

March 8-30, 2002, Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm WOW Café Theater

Reviews: Show Business Weekly and Blade

A working class butch prince, the ghost of her mother and 13 handsome ladies bring to life a party of classic ghosts and tragic orgasms.

What do you get when an Argentinean immigrant and her gang of butches decide to do Shakespeare?

"The most feminist, erotic, exotic and hysterical adaptation of Hamlet I've ever seen." Juliet Capulet, The Daily Bard.

Images and Monologues from Hamletango

Spic For Export

Photographer: Sugiyama Kyoko

Was Hamlet a lesbian? What would have happened if he was? Would it still be a classic? Is the classic culture too straight? Or just straight? Or white? What if Hamlet was a Spic? What if he wasn't a prince? What if he was working class? What was happening with the working class at that time? Were they also killing each other? Were they seeing ghosts too? What would a ghost have told them? Were they asking them for revenge? Were they sad when the whole royalty killed each other?

The power of the classics. The power of lesbians.
The lesbians of the classics.


Lisa Haas, Storme Webber , Chalee Snorton, Carol Thompson, Anita Maldonado, Mistah, D’ Lo, Moira Cutler, Fanya Cutler, Migdalia Jimenez, Ira Jeffries, Liz Reynolds and Susana Cook.
Set design: Nora
Sound design: Fu-chia Yang
Lights design: Danny McGee
Photography: Sugiyama Kyoko

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