100 Years of Attitude100 Years of Attitude

Previews: July 1-3, 2004
Performances: July 8-24, 2004
Hot Festival, Dixon Place Theatre


Everybody thought there were no lesbians in Macondo.

Susana Cook’s 100 Years of Attitude constructs an allegory of worldly crisis which constantly jumps the divide between the surreal and the commonplace.  Latin American Magic Realism meets Global Logic Terrorism in this frenzied clash of sanctifiers, executioners, lesbian homeowners, and some very undistinguished guests - all fighting to make their way in one queer land of make believe. This epic tale of love, valour, and staged compassion follows the family of women as they venture beyond death and silence to embark on a 100-year journey in search of progress and their very own dramatic reappearance.  

100 Years of Attitude

Photographer: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio

Cook welcomes you to a world of adaptation and civilization - gone awry - as only she could tell it. Her artistic approach has been described as Argentinean-Butch-Political-Performance-Art and, as with all of her work, 100 Years of Attitude deftly combines political satire, dark humor, and non-traditional branches of theater, to create this tour de force of biting social commentary.

Performed by J. Bob Alotta, Susana Cook, D’Lo, Alex Fogarty,  Lisa Haas, Audrey Kindred, Annie Lanzillotto, Mistah,  Marisa Ragonese, Riley Snorton and  Simba Vangala.
Music by Julian Mesri
Lighting Design by Lucy Mackinnon

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